Waldemar H. de Boer is a Dutch art historian, specialized in Italian, Dutch and Flemish Renaissance and Baroque art. With a background as a researcher at the Dutch University Institute for Art History and as a Renaissance art teacher at the Institute at Palazzo Rucellai, there is no other way to present him than as a true art history expert.

During his first visit to Florence in 1996, Waldemar fell in love with this stunning city, covered with incredible art works. A couple of years later, he made the big decision to move to the Renaissance capital of the world, together with his wife.

Nowadays, he enjoys sharing his passion for Florence by offering art history courses and art expertises.


Waldemar H. de Boer has contributed articles and entries to the Italian art dictionary La pittura in Europa. Il Dizionario dei Pittori (Milan 2002) and the important art history periodicals Paragone / Arte and Arte Veneta. His well received PhD. thesis Marco Boschini, I gioieli pittoreschi. Virtuoso ornamento della città di Vicenza (1676). Edizione critica illustrata con annotazioni has been published in 2008 (visit the online bookshop). His 2010 publication, the Memorial of Many Paintings and Statues in the Illustrious City of Florence by Francesco Albertini (1510), is also available (visit the online bookshop).