Waldemar H. de Boer organizes various lectures in Florence, but his class about the Skyline of Florence at the stunning terrace of the Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni has to be mentioned first. This highly enjoyable lecture concentrates on the development of the monuments that determine that mystical view on the city, such as the Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and the Forte di Belvedere. This lecture is available during the day or in the evening, when the city is sparkling with light.

Furthermore, it is also possible to ask for lectures at the beautiful Palazzo Guadagni at Piazza Santo Spirito or at any another location in or near Florence.

Here is a list of a couple of the many lecture themes:

  • The Renaissance of Art in Florence
  • The Workshop of the Renaissance Artist
  • Michelangelo and the Medici Chapels
  • The Masterpieces of Leonardo and Michelangelo in Palazzo Vecchio
  • Last Suppers in Florence
  • Medici Villas and Gardens
  • Ceramics in Renaissance Florence

  • Dates and prices on request, depending on availability and the amount of participants. Requests can be send to